How To Feed Your Baby Safely With Formula

Some women find it difficult or impossible to breastfeed, while others may decide not to. Whatever your motivations, you shouldn’t feel guilty or under any pressure if you choose to use formulas.

Formula is a dry milk powder alternative for breast milk that is packed with nutrients necessary for your baby’s growth. Babies are given formula in a bottle or cup after it has been mixed with boiling water that has been left to cool at room temperature. For infants, formula offers a balanced diet. Read on to learn more about infant formula and how you can safely feed it to your baby.

Feeding your baby infant formula

Infant formula is the option for babies up to 12 months old who are not breastfed.

However, it would be better to both breastfeed and use formula if possible.

The only thing your baby needs until they are around 6 months old is formula. Your baby will be able to start eating solid foods when they are around 6 months old, but will still require formula until they are 12 months.

How can I bottle feed safely?

It’s crucial to clean and sterilise your feeding supplies in an effort to lessen the likelihood that your baby will contract an infection. To accomplish this, you can try:

  • sterilising by boiling.
  • steam sterilising
  • using a cold-water sterilising solution

Regardless of the method you choose, make sure you:

  • Clean and sterilise all feeding equipment under cold running water before use
  • Wash your hands before and after handling feeding equipment and formula
  • Use a clean bottle brush and hot, soapy water to thoroughly clean the teat or feeding bottle
  • Feed your baby at any time as needed

Preparing a safe formula feed

When warming water for infant formula, be sure to give the water ample time to cool to room temperature before use. It ought to be warm rather than hot. We advise against warming the formula in the microwave as it may overheat. Shake the bottle before dropping some of the liquid onto the inside of your wrist without directly touching the teat. It is safe for your baby to drink formula that feels slightly warm on the wrist.

After using the formula, always replace the plastic lid and keep the bottle in a cool, dry area to prevent bacteria from growing. It is important that you prepare fresh formula every time your baby needs a feed. The risk of infection grows over time, therefore it is crucial to discard any remaining formula after two hours.


Be sure to read the formula labels and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when preparing infant formula. Check the use-by date and throw away anything that is past its expiration date. Formula should also be used within four weeks of opening as it is not safe to give it to your baby past that time.

A fresh batch of formula should be prepared for each feeding. This is because it is possible for harmful bacteria to grow in the prepared formula, and the longer it is stored before use, the greater the chance of your baby becoming ill. It is also important that you make formula with boiled water and ensure that it cools to room temperature before you feed it to your little one. As long as you follow these tips, feeding your baby infant formula safely will be an easy process.

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