Some States Now Have Virtual Urgent Care, Thanks to Sameday Health

Patients used to visit primary care doctors when they needed medical care, but the wait times to see a provider are often long. That can lead patients to head to urgent care instead, so they can get the treatment and support they need right away. Instead of waiting for an appointment for weeks, they get in and get out, so they can get on with their life. Now, Sameday Health is making that even easier through virtual urgent care.

Virtual Urgent Care, Coupled With House Calls

Sameday Health provides healthcare nationwide and is offering clients in select states the option of virtual urgent care as one of its offerings. The company also makes house calls for specific issues and appointments. Depending on a person’s medical issues, receiving a house call can help them address those issues without the need to travel. The company began during the height of the pandemic, and now offers COVID testing, same-day urgent care, IV drips, wellness injections, and other services.

Improve Support While Reducing Anxiety

It’s not uncommon to have anxiety over medical appointments, and that can be made worse by sitting in the waiting room for a long period of time. When a client is seen virtually, though, they don’t need to sit and worry. Instead, they can get personalized care that’s quick and professional. Currently, Sameday is offering a Travel service, along with their Cold + Flu service.

The Cold + Flu service is designed to give patients quality information to go with their diagnosis, so they can get better faster through the use of the right treatments for their needs. With the Travel option, clients can learn about avoiding sickness during travel, along with the types of medications they should be packing. COVID precaution information is also available.

Virtual Care Has Benefits for Many People

Choose virtual urgent care from Sameday Health gives clients a lot of great benefits. For example, they receive unlimited access to medical professionals, so they can get the help, support, and diagnosis they need. They can also work to become and stay healthier, with information that makes it easier to do so. A video call with their provider can take place nearly anywhere, and people who live in rural locations can see doctors without having to travel a long way for an in-person visit.

The convenience of Sameday Health is a significant benefit. Getting diagnosed with a cold or the flu, for example, can be handled without leaving the house. That lowers the risk of exposing other people to illness, and also makes it easier for the person who’s ill and doesn’t feel like going out. Busy people, those who don’t drive, and those who can’t get away from work or home easily can also benefit from the convenience of virtual urgent care.

Getting Care is Easy, the Sameday Health Way

Sameday offers a website and an app, so clients can connect with them easily and get signed up fast. An appointment can be booked with only a few clicks and a bit of information, and the actual appointment is usually around 20 minutes. Providers can call in prescriptions for pickup or have them delivered, for client convenience. It’s a revolution in healthcare and gives clients the chance to address health concerns in a way that works for their needs.

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