Weight Loss Tips to Cut Calories without Feeling Like You’re on a Diet

Plenty of fad diets in the fitness circuit will help you lose weight rapidly. Unfortunately this often means that you will be left feeling deprived and hungry. Losing weight to gain it back in a couple of months can be waste of time and unhealthy.

Weight loss progress  can be made efficiently by reducing calories slowly. While diets help reduce weight, experts believe that significant weight loss can be achieved without going on a “diet”.

The secret is to make simple changes in your current lifestyle that will facilitate losing weight. Researchers have found that one pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories. So, following a proper exercise regimen and making a few changes in your diet can cut down 500 calories daily and lose almost a pound of weight weekly.

Here we will delve deep into some painless, non-diet strategies that help you cut down calories easily.

Tips on How to Lose Calories Without Going on a Diet

Swap Unhealthy Food Items With Healthy Alternatives

No hard and fast rule says you must cut out all the high-calorie food you love from your diet. What is necessary is calorie consumption in moderation. The best way to create a balanced eating plan is to subscribe to weight loss meal plans to be delivered at your step.

These pre-cooked meals are portion-controlled and made using low-calorie ingredients. With weight loss meal plans, you eat timely and try different recipes from international cuisines at affordable rates. Meal delivery services allow people to choose these meals and customise them according to their diet and preferences. Subscribing to a weight loss meal plan regulates your eating pattern.

Another way is to make smart food swaps to lower the calories and increase the nutrient volume in your food. Here are some easy examples of healthy food swaps:

  • Replace fat, cream, and butter with low-sodium chicken stock to make some dishes savoury
  • Replace pasta with noodles made from vegetables like Zucchini
  • Use applesauce as a substitute for butter or oil in some baked food
  • Substitute sour cream with low-fat plain Greek yoghurt
  • Use cauliflower as a thickener instead as a healthy replacement for rice stock
  • Lean beef and pork cuts in place of high-fat cuts

Never Miss Your Breakfast

Those who have lost weight and keep it off swear by this trick. Many people think that skipping breakfast will help them cut down on calories. But what happens is that they eat more than necessary later in the day.

Studies have found that people who diligently have breakfast have lower BMIs than people who skip it. The former group performed better in school and work than the breakfast skippers.

So, start your day with a healthy breakfast and take the first step in reducing calories.

Stop Drinking High-Calorie Beverages

While high-calorie beverages like soda and soft drinks look tasty on a hot, sweltering day, these drinks are extremely unhealthy. These drinks have high sugar content, which results in gaining a significant amount of calories.

These drinks have no nutritional value and do not keep you satiated for long. Additionally, consuming calories in liquid form rather than eating them can lead to overconsumption. No matter how physically active you are, the calories you gain through these drinks are harder to shake off.

Avoid Adding Sugar to Tea and Coffee

Coffee and tea are low-calorie healthy drinks, but if you add one teaspoon of sugar, you can drink 16 calories in one go. While 16 calories do not sound like much, if you drink monthly with one teaspoon of sugar, the amount reaches an outrageous number.

No Junk Food In The House

Lastly and most importantly, do not keep junk food at home. If you have junk food within easy reach, you will be tempted to eat them at the slightest indication of hunger. Stress eating or binge eating while relaxing is a common problem and results in gaining unnecessary calories.

In Conclusion

There is nothing wrong with keeping weight loss goals. But do not try to lose those calories at the cost of your health. Consult a dietician to bring about healthy lifestyle changes that support weight loss without making you unhealthy.

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